In order to operate in the field, it is necessary in the early stages, follow the instructor, he show you simple things to set one profile, place the geophones and the area where to put the notebook/seismograph.
It will be simple and effective, especially in the withdrawal of equipment.

This is one of many tests, made before delivery, if there are well-96 geophones photo / channel telemetry seismograph JEA247E.
Note the tape measure, first, positioning of geophones and their connections to the boxes JEA- blue, totally waterpoof.
In fact, once made the spread and by chance it rains, NO PROBLEM, just touches you protect your notebook, if it is not waterproof.
In all other seismographs, would be a downfall, given the takeouts NOT water proof.

Jordan training

This was the testing of 96 ch JEA247E with training of 10 people from NRA

with mr. Nidal at the acquisition. 

For us the DOLANG lunch is important, continuous training, will exchange ideas and grow professionally with the help of good italian food and wines