FROM 1988

We started as a joke in 1984 and a prototyped DBS1, in 1985 we presented the idea at the Salon International des Inventions in GENEVA (SWITHZERLAND) and surprise took the top prize for Best Innovative Italian IDEA
The award was handed over by Tononi to Dott. Angelo Dometta, innovative strength .... after the voluntary abandonment of Dolmetta in 1995, we continue with other teams through innovative applications - see ESAC - WIRELESS to adapt to technical solutions that receive approval in international tenders.
DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL, a choice dictated by the ease and extreme operational flexibility, uses dozens of suppliers which stand out in the business of software houses both indigenous and foreign companies with the hardware sector totally held in Genoa (Italy).
The management of DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL production and research, has made arrangements with a new company that will handle the promotion and sale of products and accessories DOLANG as: special seismic cables, geophones and software dedicated to geological activity, geophysics. It will also be a priority activity for the organization of conferences and seminars dedicated to geophysics, in collaboration with Italian and foreign professionals, through a calendar of training events, dedicated to the students and to the Italian and foreign professionals. Particular attention will be placed on the link of social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter, ect. so as to dissolve doubts operating, about the appropriate use of the instruments and their practical implications.
Therefore DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL remains at the location of the historic center of research and development of new technology, in geophysics applied to civil engineering, will continue to produce prototypes with the pre-series and the final production of the tools of virtual platform JEA247E always 24 bit .
Another field of activity will be the continuation of research dedicated to wireless systems, through GPS, UMTS and other networks. And a sector-added lamps to optimizations of alternative energies. Photovoltaic and other sources.
Readers are reminded that DOLANG origin was the logo to signify:
DO = do LAN = Local Area Network G = great
in other words make the largest local network, the author was referring to the network of their local knowledge of a professional geologist in this case, with the intention of expanding the knowledge and job opportunities. Today more than ever valid.
After more than 26 years of operation, extremely positive, the DOLANG is known in Italy in a widespread manner, Europe has witnessed the growth a little muted, in fact, the Spanish target is well advanced but, for example France, waits systems sophisticated as ESAC, for application of seismic medium - high, Switzerland that in every case to date has chosen US products known to the forefront. Big development was done in the Middle East after based in Amman in Jordan, we have created an organization of production and commercial development that goes from 'Iraq to Moroc, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Bahrain.So for Turkey and Kurdistan and other nations. In South America we continued marketing involving many nations, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia. Do not forget the strong development in Romania and Spain connected to Peru - Ecuador.