In Genoa we design various tools and software and create the prototypes that once approved, they go to the factory for production.

Each instrument is built with customer specifications and must be on average 15-20 days for delivery.

The steps after the design are the following:

electronic cards

Foil for processing

Order components at Digikey or other suppliers
Assembly and robotic control

Programming and verification operation

Meanwhile our purchasing departments order accessories:
Geophones? Special cases, spikes, cables, Hz 2.0 - 4,5 - 10.0 - over

Mems 3C  xyz  on the Card
Seismic cables. Takeouts spacing?

 Hammer 10kg - 5 kg + shot plate + cables trigger - rollers

 transport boxes

After checking everything in the lab is the time of the inspection in the field trials.
After these tests, a report is signed and given the green light for the DELIVERY and after packaging the practice goes to foreign shipping Broker that will be DHL or TNT EXPRESS or  different Cargo. The cost in Italy is CIF. FREE, for foreign countries will be charged the transport to customer.


ATECO CODE: 26.51.1

MANUFACTURE OF INSTRUMENTS FOR NAVIGATION, HYDROLOGY, GEOPHYSICS AND METEOROLOGY - manufacture of research, detection, aeronautical and nautical navigation equipment, including sound buoys - manufacture of control instruments for aircraft engines - manufacture of GPS equipment - manufacture of measuring and recording (e.g. flight recorders) - manufacture of radar - meteorological detection instruments - manufacture of satellite radio control systems - manufacture of surveying instruments - manufacture of other measurement and control instruments for navigation, hydrology, geophysics and meteorology.



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