This system is limited to 24 channels.

Though considered entry level, it acquires at 24dB and has a very accurate
electronics. Its power comes from PC by USB.

This system is composed of geophonic stations, each equipped with microprocessor, connected by
wire for digital transmission of data. Very high signal/noise ratio.

JEATROM is a 3 axis acquisition system for HVSR. Its power comes from PC by USB.

W2Z 3C is a 3 axis wireless system equipped with mems sensors.
It allows a frequency band starting from 0Hz. It has no wires, each station
has its own power source for long time working.

W2Z is a wireless system that uses a geophone as sensor.
It has a very high signal/noise ratio. Each station has its own battery 
for long time working. A new feature is under developement, 
that will allow to acquire for long time (1 hour) in passive mode.